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Published onAugust 30, 2013

Malik’s story: I’m young and I need health insurance

Have you met Malik?
Malik is a 23 year old bartender and server who works in the restaurant industry.
He works on his feet all day and like millions of Americans, Malik does not have health insurance because he can’t afford it.

Can’t afford insurance. Can’t afford to miss work.

Published onAugust 27, 2013

4 ways the Health Insurance Marketplace® keeps you healthy

You and your family may be eligible for free screenings, vaccines, counseling, and other preventive services to keep you healthy.
All health plans in the Health Insurance Marketplace® and many other plans must cover the preventive services below without charging you a
. This applies even if you haven’t met your yearly
  1. Preventive care for all adults: 15 preventive services
  2. Preventive care for women: 22 preventive services
  3. Preventive care for children: 25 preventive services
  4. Medicare preventive care: 23 preventive services

Published onAugust 23, 2013

Howard’s story: I can’t get health insurance

Have you met Howard?
Howard is a self-employed software designer who needs health insurance.
He designs health care software and like millions of Americans, Howard has been denied health insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition.

Uninsurable until 2014

Howard shared his story with us:

Published onAugust 22, 2013

10 health care benefits covered in the Health Insurance Marketplace®

Every health insurance plan sold in the Marketplace will offer 10 essential health benefits.

What’s covered in the Health Insurance Marketplace®

These essential health benefits include at least the following items and services:
  1. Outpatient care—the kind you get without being admitted to a hospital
  2. Trips to the emergency room
  3. Treatment in the hospital for inpatient care
  4. Care before and after your baby is born
  5. Mental health and substance use disorder services: This includes behavioral health treatment, counseling, and psychotherapy
  6. Your prescription drugs
  7. Services and devices to help you recover if you are injured, or have a disability or chronic condition. This includes physical and occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, psychiatric rehabilitation, and more.
  8. Your lab tests
  9. Preventive services including counseling, screenings, and vaccines to keep you healthy and care for managing a chronic disease.
  10. Pediatric services: This includes dental care and vision care for kids

Published onAugust 16, 2013

Lupita’s story: I don’t have insurance

Have you met Lupita?
Lupita is a single mother and a registered dental assistant who is worried about health insurance.
She works overtime to provide for her daughter and like millions of Americans, Lupita does not have health insurance because she can’t afford it.

Uninsured and making ends meet

Lupita shared her story with us:

Published onAugust 15, 2013

4 ways to protect yourself from fraud in the Health Insurance Marketplace®

Your best protection against fraud is you! Starting October 1, 2013, you can apply for health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace®, on A few simple things can protect you from fraud, while getting you the coverage you need.

Published onAugust 8, 2013

Jaime's story: Life without health insurance

Have you met Jaime?
Jaime’s a 27-year-old college graduate who hasn’t been to the doctor since her 11th grade physical. She makes less than $20,000 a year. Like millions of Americans, Jaime does not have health insurance.

Sometimes you need more than a good night's sleep

Published onAugust 7, 2013

2014 in 214 words

There’s a lot to the health care law. But it’s based on a few simple principles, which we’ve described below in a mere 214 words. Follow the links for more details.

Published onAugust 5, 2013

A new way to SHOP for small business coverage and get help

The Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) is a new program that simplifies the process of buying health insurance for your small business. And now there’s a new way to get help with your health insurance questions– the Health Insurance Marketplace® Small Employer call center.
Call us right now to get your SHOP and small business questions answered by a customer service representative at 1-800-706-7893 or (TTY: 1-800-706-7915 ). The call center is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST.