Asked to submit documents? Act now to keep your health insurance and financial help

Published on April 28, 2016

Image: Couple learning about their health insurance application inconsistenciesImage: Couple learning about their health insurance application inconsistencies
Did you get a notice from the Marketplace asking you for documents to verify information on your health insurance application? If so, some of the information you provided on your application — like your yearly income estimate, immigration status, or citizenship — doesn’t match our records.
This means you need to submit documents to resolve the data matching issue (sometimes called an "inconsistency"). If you don’t, you could lose your health insurance or help with premium costs.

5 tips to fix a data matching issue

  1. Act quickly. You usually have 90 days to resolve a data matching issue before your health coverage and financial help could change or end.
  2. Gather the right documents. Your notice will list the documents you can submit to fix a data matching issue.
  3. Submit your documents. You can do this 2 ways — by uploading them online or by mailing a copy. Uploading is the fastest way to get them to us.
  4. Avoid losing your coverage. If you don’t provide the documents by the deadline in your notice, you could lose your health coverage or pay a lot more.
  5. Wait to hear it’s been resolved. If you’ve already submitted documents, you don’t need to send them again. We’ll send you a notice (usually around a month after we get your documents) to let you know whether your data matching issue was resolved, or if we still need more information.