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Published onJuly 30, 2013

Get ready for the Health Insurance Marketplace®: Create an account

Create an account. Let's get started!Create an account. Let's get started!
Open enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace® begins on October 1, but in the meantime you can create a Health Insurance Marketplace® account on right now to get ready.

How to create your Health Insurance Marketplace® account

Get started in 3 easy steps:
  1. Provide some basic information like your name, address, and email address
  2. Choose a username and password
  3. Create security questions for added protection

Published onJuly 25, 2013

7 ways to save in the Health Insurance Marketplace®

There are several ways you can save money in the Health Insurance Marketplace®. How you save, and how much you save, depends on several things, including family size and income.
  1. You may be able to get lower costs on your monthly premiums when you enroll in a Marketplace health insurance plan.
  2. You may qualify for lower out-of-pocket costs for
    , and
  3. You or your child may get free or low-cost coverage through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).
  4. You can’t be charged more for a pre-existing condition or because you are a woman.
  5. You may be able to be covered on your parent’s insurance plan if you’re under 26.
  6. You may be able to buy a lower-premium “catastrophic” coverage plan, if you’re under 30.
  7. Small businesses may qualify for the expanded small business health care tax credit.

Published onJuly 24, 2013

Answers to your top health insurance questions

Since we launched the new on June 21st, we’ve received thousands of questions and comments on the website, through the call center, and on our social media channels.
We’re listening and we value your feedback!
Here’s some new content visitors have asked for that answers important questions about dental care, breastfeeding, and coverage for part-time employees:

Published onJuly 22, 2013

Questions? Call us at 1-800-318-2596

We're available 24/7! Call us at: 1 800-318-2596We're available 24/7! Call us at: 1 800-318-2596
We know you’ve got questions about the new Health Insurance Marketplace®. We’ve received thousands of them over the past month.
Answering your questions is central to our mission:
  • We launched the new to feature an easy-to-understand question and answer format, with content based on the most common questions we hear from you.
  • We provided you with new way get your health insurance options and info—just answer a few quick questions and we’ll provide you with a personalized list of coverage options, content tailored to your situation, and a checklist to help you get ready.

Published onJuly 10, 2013

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Get your options & infoGet your options & info
We know there are lots of questions surrounding the new Health Insurance Marketplace® coming in 2014. That’s why we’ve updated with you - the consumer - in mind.
Get to Know the Marketplace: We’re holding our first-ever Health Insurance Marketplace® Hangout at 2:30pm on July 10, 2013. And we’re taking your questions using the hashtag #HCgovHangout. Visit on Google+ to learn more.
Get Answers Right Away: There’s a new way for you to learn about the Health Insurance Marketplace® and your coverage options. Just answer a few quick questions and we’ll provide you with a personalized list of programs you may be eligible for, content you’ll want to read, and a checklist to help you get ready. Note: Specific plans and prices won’t be available until October 1. Start Now