The Marketplace might need more information from you

Published on July 10, 2014

While most people provided all the data they needed on their applications, some consumers were asked for follow-up when they applied for Marketplace coverage. If we asked you for information to back up what you put on your application, we need your help. Sometimes the information in your application doesn’t match what we found in other records. You were still able to finish the enrollment process, but you need to follow up as soon as possible and provide more documents to make sure the Marketplace has the correct information.

7 things to know if the Marketplace asks you for more information

  1. The Marketplace has mailed or e-mailed you to ask for additional information so that we can work to resolve the issue and update your Marketplace eligibility. If you haven’t responded, we’ll also send you a reminder.
  2. You must take action to upload or mail in documents. It is possible your tax credit or coverage could depend on it. Uploading documents is the fastest way to get your documents to us. This can be done through your account on
  3. The notice you got describes exactly what information the Marketplace needs from you. Log in to your Marketplace account on to upload the documents – here’s how. Once you’re logged in, select your current application and then use the menu on the left side of your screen to click on Application Details. On the next screen, you’ll see a list of any inconsistencies in your application. Follow the steps for each inconsistency to upload the documents needed to fix the issue. If your application has more than one inconsistency or more than one person has inconsistencies, work through the steps to upload documents for each one. This is the fastest way to get your documents processed. Note: Please do not use the following characters in the name of the file that you upload: / \ : * ? “ |.
  4. If you choose to mail in documents, be sure to include the page from the notice the Marketplace mailed to you that includes a barcode unique to you and your situation. This page lets us easily match your mailed documents with your Marketplace application.
  5. While we’re working to review your documents, you’ll get to keep the Marketplace coverage you currently have.
  6. If you’ve uploaded or mailed in documents, but the Marketplace hasn’t sent you a notice telling you the result or status of your issue, we’re still processing your information.
  7. If the deadline listed on your notice for submitting documents is very soon or has already passed, you should still submit documents.
See a list of documents that you can upload or mail us when we ask for more information. If you have questions, you should call the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596.
Remember, it’s important to provide the additional information we requested so that we can make sure you keep the Marketplace coverage that you already have, along with any tax credits and cost-sharing reductions that you’re receiving now. The Marketplace will let you know when your information has been verified and your issue has been resolved. If you don’t send the needed documents, you risk losing your Marketplace coverage or help you may be receiving to pay for such coverage. We owe it to you and to taxpayers to double check this information. So help us complete this task and check this off your “to do” list today.