New to 3 things you should know

Published on October 12, 2017

If you haven't applied for insurance on before, here are three things to know about the Health Insurance Marketplace®:
Image: {3 things to know about Marketplace insurance}Image: {3 things to know about Marketplace insurance}

3 Marketplace health insurance tips

  • Open Enrollment for 2018 health insurance runs from November 1 through December 15, 2017. Plans joined during Open Enrollment start January 1, 2018. There are a few things you can do now to get ready.
  • See if your income is in the range to save before you apply. Select your household size and state to see if you may qualify for savings.
  • Marketplace plans must cover a set of preventive services — like shots and screening tests — at no cost to you.
    Essential health benefits
    are minimum requirements for all Marketplace plans.