For employers: Renewing or changing your SHOP Marketplace insurance plan

How to renew or change SHOP Marketplace insurance

To make it easier to renew your SHOP Marketplace health insurance, we’ll pre-populate your application with most of the information you provided last year. All you have to do is make any changes you’d like and confirm your offer.

3 ways to renew

  • By yourself online, using
  • By working with a SHOP Marketplace-registered agent or broker
  • By contacting the SHOP Call Center and handling renewal or coverage change by phone

IMPORTANT: Your SHOP Marketplace coverage won’t renew automatically. To stay enrolled, you must take action to renew or change it for the year.

Renewing with an agent or broker

Ready to renew or change plans?

  • Log into your SHOP Marketplace account, select “RENEW,” and follow the steps.
  • Once you select your renewal option, we’ll contact your employees with their new offer of insurance and tell them how to make their coverage election.

Preview plans and prices first

  • If it’s within 45-60 days of your plan’s end date, you can preview plans and prices for the coming plan year. Preview plans and prices.