To sell health insurance to small businesses through the SHOP (Small Business Health Options Program) Marketplace, you’ll need to register, sign an agreement, and log in to the SHOP Marketplace Agent/Broker Portal.

Step 1. Create a CMS Enterprise Portal user ID

  • Visit the CMS Enterprise Portal at and select “New User Registration.” (If you’ve already registered to sell individual plans, don’t create a second Enterprise Portal account.)
  • Create a CMS Enterprise Portal user ID and password, and log in.
  • Select the agent/broker role and request application access.
  • Complete the identity proofing process.

When you finish, your CMS Enterprise Portal user ID will be activated.

Step 2. Complete the SHOP Privacy and Security Agreement

  • Log in to the CMS Enterprise Portal.
  • Navigate to the Marketplace Learning Management System (MLMS).
  • Complete a profile.

TIP: Be sure you indicate you're a SHOP agent or broker

When creating a profile be sure to select "Yes" when asked if you're a SHOP agent or broker.

  • You'll also be asked if you want your contact information to be displayed in the SHOP Marketplace. Select "Yes" so small employers can find you.
  • Sign the SHOP Marketplace Privacy and Security Agreement.

Step 3. Login to the SHOP Marketplace Agent/Broker Portal

The SHOP Marketplace Agent/Broker Portal is the place you’ll help small business clients apply and enroll in SHOP coverage and monitor, update, and renew their coverage. Employers must authorize you to work on their behalf.

Once you accept an employer’s authorization, the National Producer Number (NPN) you entered on your MLMS profile will automatically be sent to insurance companies when you enroll clients through the SHOP Marketplace.


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Do I need my state license number?

No. While you must have an active state insurance license to sell products through the SHOP Marketplace, you’ll need only your National Producer Number (NPN) to register.

Do I have to take training to sell SHOP plans?

No, it’s not mandatory. The SHOP Marketplace training curriculum can help you use the SHOP Marketplace efficiently and effectively. We recommend you take this training before you sign the Privacy and Security Agreement, but it’s not required. You can return to take the training any time.

Once I’m registered with the SHOP Marketplace, do I have to register again?

Yes. Agents and brokers must complete SHOP Marketplace registration every year. You’ll get messages to remind you.

Do I have to be re-authorized to renew a client’s policy?

No. Once a client authorizes you to represent them in the SHOP Marketplace, you’re authorized until they remove you.

  • Only one agent or broker at a time can be authorized on a client account.
  • Employers can change agents or brokers no more than twice per year.