Depending on the kind of business you have, one of these may apply:

  • You own a business with employees in more than one state
  • You own multiple businesses in a state or in more than one state

If you own a business with employees in more than one state

You’ll create your SHOP Marketplace account in the state where your primary business site is located.

You can offer your employees SHOP insurance 2 ways:

  • Option 1: Choose a single health plan for all your employees. Be sure to choose a plan with a multi-state or national provider network. Offer it to all full-time employees in each business location.

    • If you choose this option, all employees in all of your business locations will be counted when calculating your minimum participation rate.
  • Option 2: Create additional SHOP Marketplace accounts in each state where your employees work, and offer different plans in each location. As long as your business meets all requirements to participate in the state’s SHOP Marketplace, you can create an account and offer coverage even if you have just one employee in a location. You must have a business address in a location to create a SHOP account for it.

    • If you create a SHOP Marketplace account in each state where you have a business location, you’ll need to offer coverage to your full-time employees in each state.
    • The employees on each location’s employee roster will be counted separately when calculating your minimum participation rate.
    • If you have business locations in a state that runs its own SHOP Marketplace, you can get coverage through that state’s SHOP Marketplace. Select the state where your business operation is located, and we’ll send you to the state’s SHOP website to enroll in coverage for those locations.

If you own multiple businesses in a state or in more than one state

  • If you own multiple businesses under the same EIN:

    • You can establish only one SHOP Marketplace account per employer identification number (EIN) in each state. Learn more about controlled group rules from the IRS.
    • When you count FTEs to determine eligibility for the SHOP Marketplace, you must include FTEs from all your businesses.
  • If you own multiple businesses with different EINs:

    • You must establish a unique account for each EIN. Controlled group rules apply with regard to establishing the FTE count for your businesses. This is true whether your businesses are all in one state or in multiple states.
    • For each business with its own EIN, you’ll need to:
      • Meet SHOP Marketplace eligibility criteria independently
      • Count all the FTEs in all your businesses using controlled group rules when you certify FTEs
      • Create a separate SHOP account
      • Fill out a separate SHOP application
      • Create a separate coverage offering
      • Manage the SHOP plans and payments separately