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How to enroll in SHOP insurance

Overview of SHOP: Health insurance for small businesses

The Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) is for small employers who want to provide health and/or dental insurance to their employees โ€” affordably, flexibly, and conveniently.
  • To purchase SHOP insurance, your business or non-profit organization generally must have 1 to 50 employees.ย See if your business qualifies for SHOP.
  • If eligible, you don't have to wait for an Open Enrollment Period. You can start offering SHOP coverage to your employees any time of year.
Self-employed or a business owner with no employees?

4 reasons to offer SHOP coverage

  1. SHOP insurance gives you choice and flexibility.ย You can:
    • Offer your employees one plan, or let them choose from multiple
    • Offer only health coverage, only dental coverage, or both
    • Choose how much you pay toward your employees' premiums and whether to offer coverage to their dependents
    • Decide how long new employees must wait before enrolling
  2. Get the information you need in one location.ย You can make an informed decision about your SHOP insurance options with the tools at
  3. You can work with an agent or broker.ย You can use your current SHOP-registered agent or broker or find a new one to help you enroll in coverage.
  4. You may be able to get the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit.ย Enrolling in SHOP insurance is generally the only way for eligible small employers to take advantage of the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit. You may qualify if you have fewer than 25 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees making an average of about $56,000 or less.

Enrolling in SHOP insurance

Once you're ready to enroll in SHOP coverage, you have 2 options:
  • Contact your insurance company and enroll directly through them.
  • Enroll with the assistance of a SHOP-registered agent or broker.


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