Your current SHOP health insurance plan won’t renew automatically for 2018. There are two ways to renew:

How to renew or change SHOP coverage

1. Explore your options

Before your current SHOP coverage ends, contact your insurance company, or agent or broker, to see what plans and prices are available to you. Plan and pricing information is generally available 45-60 days before your renewal date.

Each insurance company may have different timelines for renewing coverage. When you contact them, be sure to ask:

  • When you need to submit your completed enrollment for a coverage renewal
  • How much time you need to allow for employees to accept your renewal offer
  • When employees need to respond to your renewal offer
  • When you should pay your first premium for 2018 coverage also offers tools and resources to help you renew:

2. Make sure you still qualify, if you have a gap in coverage

If you currently have coverage and won’t experience a gap in coverage when you renew, you’ll maintain your SHOP eligibility. You don’t need to come back to to verify your SHOP eligibility.

If you’ll have a gap in coverage from the time your current plan ends to when your new plan starts, you’ll need to verify you're eligible for SHOP. You’ll enter some basic information about your business and confirm you have between 1-50 employees and are offering SHOP insurance to all your full-time employees.

Learn more about qualifying for SHOP insurance.

3. Enroll in coverage

Find a SHOP-registered agent or broker who can help you enroll. You can also enroll through your health insurance company.

4. Pay your premiums on time

Work with your agent, broker, or health insurance company — not — to make payments.

Payment deadlines for renewing coverage may vary depending on your insurance company. Check with your agent, broker or health insurance company for important payment deadlines.