The SHOP Marketplace is introducing some great new features that make it easier to choose, manage, and get support when buying SHOP plans. Starting with 2017 plan year coverage, using the SHOP Marketplace you can:

  • Offer employees more choice. In some states you can now select any insurance company offering SHOP Marketplace plans in your area and let your employees choose any available plan from that company, in any category (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum). This lets your employees choose the balance of costs and coverage that works best for them.
  • Know more about your costs before you enroll. You can now see a breakdown of your premium costs by each employee and dependent (if applicable), instead of seeing only your total monthly premium.
  • Find an agent or broker more easily. Once an agent or broker completes Marketplace registration, they can immediately enroll employers in SHOP Marketplace plans. For agents and brokers, this means you can start selling faster. For employers, you’ll have more SHOP-registered agents and brokers to choose from in your area more quickly.

Next steps to offer or renew SHOP health insurance for 2017