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Finding the right SHOP health insurance plan for your employees

You have options in how you compare and enroll in plans offered through a Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP).
  1. Find out what SHOP plans may be available in your area.

    See SHOP plans & prices

    Note:ย Plans arenโ€™t available in all ZIP codes.
  2. Get help from a SHOP-registered agent or broker.

    Find an agent or broker to help you compare plans and enroll, using these tools:
  3. Work directly with an insurance company.

    Contact an insurance company offering health insurance plans through a SHOP and enroll directly through them. If you are using HealthCare.govโ€™sย See SHOP Plans and Pricesย tool to compare plans, you may want to write down the plan name, โ€˜metalโ€™ category, plan type, and plan ID to have handy when you contact the insurance company.