How to work with a SHOP-registered insurance agent or broker

You can work with a SHOP-registered agent or broker to enroll in Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) insurance. Learn more about some helpful tips to consider when working with a SHOP-registered agent or broker (PDF).

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Getting help from an agent or broker

SHOP-registered agents and brokers can provide help with SHOP insurance – from comparing plans to helping you enroll, and handling everything for you. Specifically, they can help you:

You won't pay more if you use an agent or broker.

Note: If you're not using an agent or broker, you can enroll through your insurance company.

Choosing an agent or broker

  • Work with your current agent or broker: You can continue working with your agent or broker as long as they're registered with SHOP.
  • Find a new agent or broker: Enter your ZIP code, check the box for small businesses and you’ll see a list of SHOP-registered agents and brokers in your area.