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How to get health coverage through certified enrollment partner websites

You can apply for and enroll in Marketplace health coverage through certified enrollment partner websites:
  • Online health insurance sellers:ย Let you compare all available Marketplace plans in your area
  • Insurance company websites:ย Show you only the Marketplace plans they offer
Note:ย The only way to getย 
ย is through or a certified enrollment partnerโ€™s website.

How to use certified partner websites to enroll

How you'll use a certified partner website to enroll depends on the services they offer:
  • Some partners start you on their websites and connect you to part of the time, where you'll complete your Marketplace application. But you'll shop for plans and enroll on their website.
  • Others are full service partners. This means they offer more features that allow you to apply and enroll, and manage your coverage throughout the year, all on their website.

Find certified enrollment partners in your state

Get websites for certified enrollment partners in your area. It also tells you if the partner is a full service partner.
Certified enrollment partner listings on are provided for informational purposes only. Check with the individual insurance companies or online health insurance sellers for more information on the specific services and products they offer.