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2023 health coverage & your federal taxes

If you had Marketplace coverage at any point during 2023, you must file your taxes and
your premium tax credit.
Use Form 1095-A to complete IRS tax Form 8962 and reconcile your 2023 premium tax credit when you file your 2023 taxes if you qualified for or used the premium tax credit. Once you do, you may:
  • Owe taxes if you used more of the
    than you qualified for in 2023. You'll have to report the excess amount on your 2023 tax return by filing Form 8962, Premium Tax Credit (PDF, 110 KB).
  • Get a refund or lower the amount of taxes you owe if you used less of the premium tax credit you qualified for or got an increase in the premium tax credit when you reconciled. You still need to include Form 8962 with your tax return.
  • Have to resubmit your 2023 tax return if you filed electronically but it was rejected for a missing Form 8962. Learn how to fix it and correctly file electronically.
Get your 1095-A form
Your 1095-A should come by mail by mid-February. It may be in your Marketplace account anytime from mid-January to February 1. Log into your account, select your 2023 application, and then select “Tax Forms” to get your form. Learn what to do with your 1095-A.

Next steps & tax forms

Select the type of health coverage you had in 2023 to get details about filing your taxes. More than one type of coverage may apply for you or your household.