5 ways to apply for 2019 health insurance

You can apply for a 2019 Marketplace health plan using any of the methods below.

Before you apply: Preview 2019 plans with personalized price estimates.

If you apply this way... You’ll do this


How you apply depends on whether you're new to the Marketplace.

New to HealthCare.gov? Create an account.

Have a 2018 plan? Log in to update your application, compare plans, and renew or change for 2019.

By phone

A customer service representative helps you fill out an application, review your choices, and enroll in coverage.

How: Contact the Marketplace Call Center.

With in-person help

Assisters in your community with special Marketplace training help you fill out an application and enroll.

How: Enter your ZIP code to see a list of groups and people near you.

Through an agent or broker

Agents and brokers help you apply and enroll. (You pay no more with an agent or broker; some may sell only certain companies' plans.)

How: Enter your ZIP code to see a list that includes both agents/brokers and other assisters.

By mail

Fill out and mail in a paper application. You’ll get eligibility results in the mail within 2 weeks. Create an online account or use the Marketplace Call Center to enroll.

How: Download the Marketplace application (PDF) and instructions (PDF).