Starting November 1, 2016, you can apply for a 2017 Marketplace health plan online, by phone, with the help of a trained assister in your community, or with a paper application.

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4 ways to apply
If you apply this way... You’ll do this


How: Apply and enroll online for 2017 starting November 1, 2016. See quick ways to get ready.

By phone

A customer service representative helps you fill out an application, review your choices, and enroll in coverage.

How: Contact the Marketplace Call Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With in-person help

Trained people in your community — like Navigators, assisters, agents, and brokers — help you fill out an application and enroll in coverage.

How: Enter your ZIP code to see a list of groups and people near you. You can do that today.

By mail

Fill out and mail in a paper application. You’ll get eligibility results in the mail within 2 weeks. Create an online account or use the Marketplace Call Center to enroll.

How: The paper application for 2017 coverage will be available November 1, 2016.