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How to apply & enroll

Ways to apply for health insurance

There are several ways to apply for and enroll in Marketplace health coverage:

Use to apply online

Fastest way to apply. Log in (or create an account) to get started.

Find help in your area

Enter your ZIP code for a list of local people and organizations that can help you apply for coverage. Some offer help in languages other than English and in-person assistance.

Use a certified enrollment partner

Apply for and enroll in a Marketplace plan through an approved enrollment partner, like an insurance company or online health insurance seller.

Enroll over the phone

The Marketplace Call Center can help you fill out an application, review your choices, and enroll.

Fill out and mail in a paper application

Youโ€™ll get eligibility results in the mail within 2 weeks. Find instructionsย (PDF, 418 KB) and get extra pagesย (PDF, 254 KB) if you have more than 2 people to include in your application.
Start paper applicationย (PDF, 1.35 MB)