When you buy health insurance coverage in the Marketplace, you may be able to get a premium tax credit that lowers what you pay in monthly premiums.

This will depend on your 2015 household size and income.

TIP You can apply part or all of this tax credit each month to your premium payments. The Marketplace will send your tax credit directly to your insurance company, so you pay less for your premiums each month. This is called “advance payment of the premium tax credit.”

Savings depend on 2015 income and family size

If your 2015 income falls within the following ranges you'll generally qualify for a premium tax credit. The lower your income is within these ranges, the bigger your credit.
Family size Family income


$11,670 – $46,680


$15,730 – $62,920


$19,790 – $79,160


$23,850 – $95,400


$27,910 – $111,640


$31,970 – $127,880


$36,030 – $144,120


$40,090 – $160,360

Learn how to estimate your income for the Marketplace.

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Get Lower Costs on Monthly Premiums in the Health Insurance Marketplace

Incomes that qualify for tax credits are higher in Alaska and Hawaii. See poverty level information for Alaska and Hawaii.

If you have an estimate of your household income and who to include in your household, you can see plans and prices available to you that account for any premium tax credits you may qualify for.

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What if my income is too high for premium tax credits?

You can still use the Marketplace to buy a health plan without premium tax credits or other savings. You can also buy a plan outside the Marketplace, where you may find more options. Learn about the 4 ways you can buy coverage if you don’t qualify for premium tax credits.

What if my income turns out to be different from what I estimate?

When you apply for coverage in the Marketplace, it's important to double-check the information you put on your application. If the amount of expected income you report turns out to be inaccurate, you may not get the right amount of premium tax credit.

  • If you wind up making more money than you estimated on your application, you could have to pay back some or all of the premium tax credit you’ve received. You would make this payment with your next tax return.
  • If you wind up making less money than you estimated on your application, you could qualify for a higher tax credit. You would get this money refunded on your next tax return.

Note: During the year, it’s very important to report changes in your income or household size to the Marketplace as soon as possible. You can adjust your tax credit so you don’t wind up owing money or getting a big refund on your next tax return.

Learn more about the premium tax credit from the Internal Revenue Service.
What if my income qualifies me for Medicaid or CHIP?

Some people applying for coverage in the Health Insurance Marketplace will be eligible for free or low-cost coverage through Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). You’ll learn if you qualify when you fill out a Marketplace application.

Can I appeal a decision about whether I qualify for lower costs?

If you think we made a mistake when you get your premium tax credit decision in the Marketplace, you have the right to appeal.

Learn how to appeal a Marketplace decision.
Where can I learn more about the premium tax credit?

Learn more about the premium tax credit from the Internal Revenue Service.