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People with coverage through a job

If you have job-based insurance

You or others in your household may qualify for premium tax credits, even if you weren't eligible before, if you:

Changing to a Marketplace plan

If you have job-based coverage now, you might be able to change to a Marketplace plan. But you probably won’t qualify for a
or other savings. As long as the job-based plan is considered
and meets
, you won’t qualify for savings. Most job-based plans meet these standards.
New for 2023: Families may qualify for new savings 
Households with offers of employer health coverage may have new opportunities for savings, even if they weren’t eligible before.

Canceling a Marketplace plan when you get a job-based insurance offer

If you have a Marketplace plan and then get an offer of health insurance through a job, you may no longer qualify for savings on your Marketplace plan. As long as the job-based plan is considered affordable and meets minimum standards, you won’t qualify for savings. This is true even if you don’t accept the job-based coverage offer.
If you have an offer, but haven’t accepted it yet: Update your Marketplace application to find out how this offer impacts whether you qualify for savings in the Marketplace. If you (or your household) qualifies for savings, you may want to keep your Marketplace coverage. Get details before accepting the offer.
If you already accepted the offer of job-based insurance: You may want to cancel your Marketplace plan for yourself and anyone else in your household eligible for the new job-based coverage. You won’t qualify for savings if you’re enrolled in a job-based plan. Find out how to cancel your Marketplace plan.

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