People with coverage through a job

Options if you have job-based insurance

If you have coverage from a job (or a family member’s job), you're considered covered and won’t have to pay the fee that uninsured people must pay.

Changing to a Marketplace plan

If you have job-based coverage, you may be able to change to a Marketplace plan. But you might not qualify for premium tax credits or other savings that can make Marketplace insurance more affordable. This will depend on:

If you have a job-based plan, you’re considered covered

Any job-based health plan you have qualifies as minimum essential coverage.

This means you don't have to change to a Marketplace plan to avoid the penalty that uninsured people pay.

More information for people with job-based coverage

Your rights, protections, and benefits for job-based coverage

The health care law provides important new rights, consumer protections, and benefits that apply to most job-based insurance plans.