Hawaii: For 2016 insurance coverage, use HealthCare.gov to apply and enroll

If you live in Hawaii, the way you sign up for health coverage is changing.

  • For the past 2 years, people who live in Hawaii have used the Hawaii Health Connector website to apply for coverage and enroll in health insurance plans for themselves and their families.
  • For 2016 coverage, you’ll use HealthCare.gov.
  • Most people in Hawaii have health insurance through a job or Medicaid and don’t need to apply for insurance through HealthCare.gov. If you have health insurance through your employer, talk with your employer before taking action here.
  • Employers: If you’re enrolled or want to enroll in the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP), talk to your insurance company, agent, or broker. Learn more about SHOP in Hawaii here.

If this is the first year you’re applying

  • Simply use HealthCare.gov to apply and enroll in health insurance. You’ll create a Healthcare.gov account, fill out an application, pick a plan, and enroll.
  • You can preview 2016 plans first, before you create an account, with prices based on your income
  • Need a fast intro to HealthCare.gov? Check out our quick tips.

If you had 2015 individual or family insurance through the Hawaii Health Connector

  • For 2016 insurance, you’ll apply and enroll using HealthCare.gov. You’ll create a HealthCare.gov account, fill out a new application, pick a plan, and enroll. Your 2015 plan, or one similar to it, may or may not be available.
  • The Hawaii Health Connector mailed out notices to all qualified applicants in October with more details.
  • Your 2015 coverage ended December 31, 2015, no matter when you enrolled or last updated your information.

Visit the Hawaii Health Connector website to ask questions about your 2015 plan.