Federal Poverty Level (FPL)

A measure of income level issued annually by the Department of Health and Human Services. Federal poverty levels are used to determine your eligibility for certain programs and benefits.

(The amounts below are 2014 numbers and used for calculating eligibility for Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). 2013 numbers are used for calculating eligibility for lower costs on private insurance plans in the Marketplace for 2014 coverage.)

  • $11,670 for individuals
  • $15,730 for a family of 2
  • $19,790 for a family of 3
  • $23,850 for a family of 4
  • $27,910 for a family of 5
  • $31,970 for a family of 6
  • $36,030 for a family of 7
  • $40,090 for a family of 8

Federal Poverty Level amounts are higher in Alaska and Hawaii. See Alaska and Hawaii FPL information.

Open Enrollment is over

You can now get Marketplace coverage for 2014 only if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period or are applying for Medicaid and CHIP.