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The Marketplace in your state

No matter what state you live in, you can enroll in affordable, quality health coverage.
Live in Virginia? What’s new for 2024
Starting November 1, 2023, Virginia residents will use Virginia's Insurance Marketplace to enroll for 2024 coverage.
Continue using for 2023 coverage information.

State Medicaid expansion

Some states have expanded their Medicaid programs to cover more people. Choose your state and household size, and we’ll tell you if your state has expanded and if you may qualify.

How to apply for health coverage

Pick your state to apply for health coverage. We'll send you to the right place.
Or, if your state is listed below, select it from this list to go directly to it's own Marketplace website where you can apply:


Covered California is your state's Marketplace. Visit California’s website.


Connect for Health Colorado is your state’s Marketplace. Visit Colorado’s website.


Access Health CT is your state’s Marketplace. Visit Connecticut’s website.

District of Columbia

DC Health Link is your state’s Marketplace. Visit the District of Columbia’s website.


Your Health Idaho is your state’s Marketplace. Visit Idaho’s website.


Kynect is your state's Marketplace. Visit Kentucky’s website.


CoverMe is your state's Marketplace. Visit Maine's website.


Maryland Health Connection is your state's Marketplace. Visit Maryland’s website.


Health Connector is your state's Marketplace. Visit Massachusetts’ website.


MNsure website is your state's Marketplace. Visit Minnesota’s website.


Nevada Health Link is your state's Marketplace. Visit Nevada’s website.

New Jersey

Get Covered NJ is your state's Marketplace. Visit New Jersey’s website.

New Mexico

beWellnm is your state's Marketplace. Visit New Mexico's website.

New York

New York State of Health is your state's Marketplace. Visit New York’s website.


Pennie is your state's Marketplace. Visit Pennsylvania’s website.

Rhode Island

HealthSource RI is your state’s Marketplace. Visit Rhode Island’s website.


Vermont Health Connect is your state’s Marketplace. Visit Vermont’s website.


Virginia's Insurance Marketplace is your state’s Marketplace. Visit Virginia’s website.


Washington Healthplanfinder is your state’s Marketplace. Visit Washington’s website.