Catastrophic health plans for people with hardship exemptions

The table below lists Catastrophic health plans for people who have hardship exemptions, including hardship exemptions due to plan cancellation.

Learn more about Catastrophic health plans for people with cancellations and hardship exemptions.

After you apply for a hardship exemption, you can contact an insurance company in your state from the list below and buy a Catastrophic plan directly.

Instructions: On the “State” column, click on the little “list” icon on the right. (It looks like three small horizontal lines with dots.) A little menu pops down. Mouse over the words “Filter this column” and find your state abbreviation on the list that appears. Click on it. Now the table shows only plans in your state.

Browse the plans and call the insurance companies to learn prices and features. Catastrophic plans aren’t available in all states.

If your state runs its own Marketplace, you may be able to take advantage of this opportunity. Find your state in the table below for contact information for your state insurance department, which can provide more information.

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