How to find health care provider information

See if your provider participates in a particular health care plan

When you compare plans using our plans & prices tool or in the Marketplace, you can see if your doctor participates in a plan before enrolling.

You’ll be prompted to select your doctors and medical facilities. This is an optional feature.

Comparing care providers

Many tools are available to help you search, compare, and assess providers, hospitals, and other care facilities so you can make better decisions.

  1. Compare Providers: Search for and compare physicians and other health professionals. You can see information on medical specialty, clinical training, foreign languages spoken, and more.
  2. Compare Hospitals: Compare the quality of care that hospitals deliver. You can see a list of U.S. hospitals that includes hospital demographics (location, hospital type) and 44 quality-of-care measures. You can also find data on some Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers.
  3. Compare Nursing Homes: Compare the quality of care in nursing homes. You can see a list of U.S. nursing homes, demographics (location and type of facility), ratings, health inspection reports, staffing data, and quality measures.
  4. Compare Home Health Agencies: Compare the quality of care provided by home health agencies. You can see a list of U.S. home health agencies, including demographics, services provided, and quality measures.
  5. Compare Dialysis Facilities: Use this tool to help you compare the quality of care in dialysis facilities. It provides a list of U.S. dialysis facilities, services provided, quality measures, and resources.

Remember that plans also may differ in quality. For the 2017 plan year, is introducing a pilot program to present health insurance plan quality ratings (or 'star' ratings) for some plans. Plans in Virginia and Wisconsin will feature the quality ratings this year. Learn more about quality ratings.