How to find health care provider information

Your relationships with your doctors and other care providers can have a big impact on your health care. The resources below can help you pick doctors, hospitals, and other providers that work for you.

See your doctor's plan network before you enroll

Find out if your health care provider participates in a plan's network when you compare plans on Just enter your doctor's or other provider's name when looking at plans to see if they're in-network.

Depending on the kind of plan you pick, using a doctor in your network usually saves you money.

Compare care providers & facilities

These tools let you search and compare the quality of providers, hospitals, and other care facilities in your area.

Quality ratings for health plans

Health plans are rated by quality of care and following proven best practices. In some states, you can see quality measures when you shop for plans. This program may expand to more states in the future. Learn more about plan quality ratings.