Your 2019 health insurance letters

If you had a 2018 Marketplace insurance plan, you should have received two 2019 re-enrollment letters by email or postal mail: one from your insurance company and one from the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Your Health Insurance Marketplace letter includes:

  • Anything you must do to get a premium tax credit for 2019. You may have to send documents, like tax or income information.
  • How to update your application to make sure you get the right savings for the year.

Your insurance company letter includes:

  • Whether your 2018 plan is available in 2019.
  • If not, whether the company is offering you a similar or alternate plan.
  • Any changes to the plan for 2019.
  • The 2019 premium, after any premium tax credit has been applied. The tax credit may be based on your 2018 information or on information the Marketplace has from other sources.

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What if I didn't get a Health Insurance Marketplace notice?

Contact the Marketplace Call Center. Before you call, log in to your Marketplace account and check your messages. The notice may be there.

What if I don't get a notice from my insurance company?

Contact your insurance company, not the Marketplace.

How will I know when I've been automatically enrolled in a plan?

If you haven't updated your application and confirmed your plan selection by December 15, you'll get a letter from the Marketplace saying if you've been successfully enrolled in a new plan or not.