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Medicaid & CHIP

Using your new Medicaid or CHIP coverage

If you're enrolled in Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), here are some things to know about coverage and care.

Using your coverage

For most questions, contact your state Medicaid or CHIP agency.
  • If you’re enrolled in a health plan through Medicaid or CHIP, contact the member services phone number on your eligibility letter or the back of your enrollment card. This information should also be on the websites of your health plan or Medicaid or CHIP agency.
  • Talk to your doctor or pharmacist. They may be able to answer questions about what services are covered.
Using emergency services:
In an emergency, you should get care from the closest hospital that can help you. The law requires providers offering emergency services to examine you to determine if your medical condition is life threatening and provide medical care until your life is no longer in danger.

When to contact your state Medicaid or CHIP agency

Issues to take to your state Medicaid or CHIP agency include:
  • You didn’t get an enrollment card and aren’t sure you’re covered
  • You can’t find a doctor who accepts Medicaid or CHIP, or you can’t get an appointment
  • You want to know if a service or product is covered
  • You have a life change that may affect if you’re eligible for Medicaid or CHIP — like getting a job that increases your income, your dependent reaching an age where they no longer qualify, or getting married or divorced.
If you need to fill a prescription and haven’t received your enrollment card yet, check if your pharmacy accepts Medicaid, CHIP, or your health plan. If they do, take your eligibility letter and prescription to the pharmacy. They’ll try to fill it using the information in the letter.
If they don’t have enough information, most pharmacies can give you enough medicine for 3 days. Call your Medicaid or CHIP agency or health plan for help getting the rest of your medicine.
If your pharmacy doesn’t accept Medicaid, CHIP, or your health plan, call the number in your eligibility letter to find a pharmacy you can use. You can usually find this information on the state Medicaid or CHIP agency website too.

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