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Find out if your Medicaid program counts as minimum essential coverage

Most Medicaid programs are considered "minimum essential coverage" (also known asย 
). This means they meet the requirement for having health coverage under the health care law.
  • If your Medicaid program counts as minimum essential coverage:ย You areย notย eligible for a premium tax credit or other savings to enroll in a Marketplace insurance plan. You shouldย immediatelyย end Marketplace insurance for anyone in your household who is enrolled in these Medicaid programs and is also using premium tax credits with a Marketplace plan.
  • If your Medicaid program DOESNโ€™T count as minimum essential coverage:ย Youย areย eligible for premium tax credits and other savings on a Marketplace insurance plan, if you qualify based on your income and other criteria.
Select your state and weโ€™ll tell you if your Medicaid coverage counts as minimum essential coverage, and what action to take.