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How to pick a health insurance plan

Catastrophic health plans

Catastrophic health insurance plans have low monthly premiums and very high deductibles. They may be an affordable way to protect yourself from worst-case scenarios, like getting seriously sick or injured. But you pay most routine medical expenses yourself.

Who can buy a Catastrophic plan

If you qualify to buy a Catastrophic plan, youโ€™ll see them displayed when you compare plans in the Marketplace.

How much Catastrophic plans cost

  • Monthly premiums are usually low, but you canโ€™t use aย 
    ย to reduce your cost. If you qualify for a premium tax credit based on your income, a Bronze or Silver plan is likely to be a better value. Be sure to compare.
  • Deductibles โ€” the amount you have to pay yourself for most services before the plan starts to pay anything โ€” are very high.
  • After you spend the deductible amount, your insurance company pays for all covered services, with noย 
    ย orย 

What Catastrophic plans cover

  • Catastrophic plans cover the sameย 
    ย as other Marketplace plans.
  • Like other plans, Catastrophic plans cover certainย preventive servicesย at no cost.
  • They also cover at least 3 primary care visits per year before youโ€™ve met your deductible.