Find health coverage exemptions that may work for you

Answer a few questions to see health coverage exemptions that may apply to you. We’ll tell you how to apply for each one.

Exemptions are tied to the tax year during which you didn’t have health coverage, not the year you fill out the exemptions application. Below are all health coverage exemptions for the 2016 tax year. You’ll claim these exemptions with your 2016 tax return in April 2017.

If you’re still interested in exemptions for the 2015 tax year, visit our 2015 exemptions page.

If you qualify for one of these exemptions, you don’t have to pay the fee for the months of 2016 you didn’t have health coverage and the exemption applies.

Exemptions, forms, and how to apply

Follow the links below for exemption details, application forms, and instructions.

Income-related exemptions

Hardship exemptions

Health coverage-related exemptions

Group membership exemptions

Other exemptions