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Special enrollment opportunities

Changing plans โ€” what you need to know

You can change plans during
Outside of Open Enrollment, you can change plans if you have a life event that qualifies you for a
. If you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period and want to change plans, you may:
  • Have a limited number of
    to pick from (instead of all 4)
  • Need to select a new plan within the same plan category as your current plan
  • Be allowed to change plan categories under certain circumstances

Types of Special Enrollment Periods with limited plan category choices

People with Marketplace coverage and their dependents (including newly added household members) who qualify for the most common Special Enrollment Period types โ€” like a loss of health insurance, moving to a new home, or a change in household size โ€” will only be able to pick a plan from their current plan category.
For example, if you're already enrolled in a
(and want to change plans), you can only select a new plan from the Bronze category.

Situations that allow you to change plan categories

It may be possible to change to a plan in a different plan category during a Special Enrollment Period in certain situations:

Becoming eligible for extra savings ("cost-sharing reductions")

If you newly qualify for
towards your Marketplace coverage and arenโ€™t already enrolled in a
, you can choose a plan in the Silver category to use your savings.
Silver plans may also be available if you qualify for the premium tax credit and can enroll through a Special Enrollment Period based on estimated household income.

Losing extra savings

If youโ€™re enrolled in a Silver health plan and lose your extra savings, youโ€™ll qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. If you want to change plans, you can enroll in a Bronze, Silver, or Gold plan that meets your needs and fits your budget.

New household members

If your household size increases due to marriage, birth, adoption, foster care, or court order, you can choose to add the new dependent to your current plan or add them to their own group and enroll them in any plan for the remainder of the year.ย 
This only applies to the new household member. Current enrollees canโ€™t change plans.

If you canโ€™t add new household members to your plan

If your planโ€™s rules donโ€™t allow you to add new members to your plan, your family can enroll together in a different plan in the same category. If no other plans are available in your current plan category, your family can enroll together in a category thatโ€™s one level up or one level down.

An employer offer to help with the cost of coverage

Gaining access to an
or a
from your employer to help with coverage costs doesnโ€™t limit your ability to choose a new plan during a Special Enrollment Period. Make sure you enroll in a plan that starts by the date your individual coverage HRA or QSEHRA begins, unless your employer offers a later start date.

Other Special Enrollment Periods

Some Special Enrollment Periods, like those due to misrepresentation or plan display error, gaining or maintaining status as a member of a federally recognized tribe or an Alaska Native Claim Settlement Act (ANSCA) Corporation shareholder, or other very rare situations, donโ€™t limit your ability to choose a new plan during a Special Enrollment Period. Learn about other Special Enrollment Periods.

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