After you apply for a health coverage exemption

After you mail an exemption application to the Health Insurance Marketplace®, we’ll review it and determine if you qualify.

How you can help us respond faster

Our response time depends on several things:

  • How complicated your request is
  • How complete your application is
  • Whether you need to submit documentation after you apply

To speed up the process, submit any required documentation with your exemption application. Check that you’ve answered all questions and provided all information before you put it in the mail.

If you get a letter or a phone call asking for more information, provide it as soon as possible.

How you’ll find out if you qualify for an exemption

The Health Insurance Marketplace® will mail you a notice with your exemption eligibility result.

How to claim an exemption you qualify for
  • If you qualify for an exemption, the notice you get from the Marketplace will include your unique Exemption Certificate Number (ECN).
  • You’ll use your ECN when you apply online at or with the help of a Call Center representative.
How to appeal an exemption decision

If you don’t agree with an exemption decision, you can file an appeal.

See how to appeal a Marketplace decision.