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Understanding HSA-eligible plans

Setting up HSAs

After you enroll in an HSA-eligible plan, youโ€™ll need to open an
separately to get started.

How to find an HSA financial institution

  • Research HSA providers online.
  • Check with your health insurance company to see if they partner with HSA financial institutions.
  • Ask your bank if they offer an HSA option that meets your needs.

What to think about when choosing an HSA

  • Some HSAs have fees associated with them, like a charge for opening or closing the account and monthly maintenance fees.
  • Banking options, services, and features, like debit cards and online banking, may differ by HSA provider.
  • How youโ€™ll make your pre-tax dollar deposits into your HSA may also vary.

Get more information

Get more information on HSA-eligible plans (also called High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs)), including both the minimum and maximum yearly deductible, from the IRS.