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Health insurance if you work part-time

If you work part-time and canโ€™t get job-based health insurance, you can buy health insurance in the Health Insurance Marketplaceยฎ. You may qualify for savings based on your income.

If your employer doesnโ€™t offer health insurance to part-time employees

Employers arenโ€™t required to provide health insurance for part-time employees, even if they provide coverage for full-time employees.
If your employer doesnโ€™t offer you insurance coverage, you can fill out an application through the Marketplace. Youโ€™ll find out if you qualify for:
Youโ€™ll learn if you qualify for these options when you fill out a Marketplace insurance application.

If your employer does offer health insurance to part-timers

If youโ€™re offered health coverage by your employer, you can buy insurance through the Marketplace instead. But you may not qualify for a premium tax credit and other savings based on your income.
Youโ€™ll be eligible for savings only if the insurance your employer offers isnโ€™t considered affordable or doesnโ€™t meet certain minimum standards. Learn how to find out if your job-based offer meets these standards.

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