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Quality ratings of health plans

To help you compare Marketplace plans, we offer quality ratings (or “star ratings”).
Each rated health plan has an “Overall” quality rating of 1 to 5 stars (5 is highest). The overall rating includes member experience, medical care, and health plan administration. Each of these items also have star ratings.
  • Member experience: Based on surveys of member satisfaction with:
    • Their health care and doctors
    • Ease of getting appointments and services
  • Medical care: Based on how well the plan's network providers manage member health care, including:
    • Providing regular screenings, vaccines, and other basic health services
    • Monitoring some conditions
  • Plan administration: Based on how well the plan is run, including:
    • Customer service
    • Access to needed information
    • Network providers ordering appropriate tests and treatment
All health plan ratings are calculated the same way, using the same information sources.
  • The star ratings released each October reflect the most recent data available.
  • In some cases — like when plans are new or have low enrollment — ratings aren’t available. This doesn’t mean the plans are low quality.

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