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How to use Form 1095-A

If anyone in your household had a Marketplace plan in 2023, you should get Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplaceยฎ Statement, by mail no later than mid-February. It may be available in your Marketplace account anytime from mid-January to February 1.
You must have your Form 1095-A before you file.
Don't file your taxesย until you have an accurate 1095-A.
  • Your 1095-A includes information about Marketplace plans anyone in your household had in 2023.
  • It comes from the Marketplace, not the IRS.
  • Keep your 1095-A forms with your important tax information, like W-2 forms and other records.

How to find your 1095-A online

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Under "Your Existing Applications," select yourย 2023ย application โ€”ย notย your 2024 application.
  3. Select โ€œTax Forms."
  4. Download all 1095-As.
Note:ย If you can't find your 1095-A in your Marketplace account,ย contact the Marketplace Call Center.

Whatโ€™s on Form 1095-A and why you need it

  • Your 1095-A has information about Marketplace plans any member of your household had in 2023, including:
    • Premiums paid
    • Premium tax credits used
    • A figure calledย 
  • Youโ€™ll use information from your 1095-A to fill out taxย Form 8962, Premium Tax Creditย (PDF, 110 KB). This is how you'll "
    " โ€” find out if there's any difference between the premium tax credit you used and the amount you qualify for.
  • If you had Marketplace coverage but didn't use theย 
  • Learn more about Formย 1095-A from the IRS.

Check that your 1095-A is correct

  • Carefully read the instructions on the back.
  • Make sure itโ€™s correct. If anything about your coverage or household is wrong,ย contact the Marketplace Call Center.ย 
  • Make sure the information about the โ€œsecond lowest cost Silver Planโ€ (SLCSP) is correct.

How to know if your second lowest cost Silver plan information is correct

Look at Part III, column B of your 1095-A, titled โ€œMonthly second lowest cost silver plan (SLCSP) premium.โ€ It should show figures for each month any household member had the Marketplace plan.
The SLCSP premium isย incorrectย if:
  • Part III, Column B has a โ€œ0โ€ or is blank for any month someone in your household had the Marketplace plan
  • You had changes in your household that you didnโ€™t tell the Marketplace about โ€” like having a baby, moving, getting married or divorced, or losing a dependent
If either applies to you, use ourย tax toolย to get the premium for your second lowest cost Silver plan.

Use the information from your 1095-A to reconcile

Once you have an accurate 1095-A and second lowest cost Silver plan premium, youโ€™re ready to fill out Form 8962, Premium Tax Credit.

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