Which web browser should I use when applying for coverage?

When you apply for coverage in the Marketplace, some web browsers offer a smoother experience than others. The best result will come from matching the right browser to your computer’s operating system. We show the best matches below.

To learn how to find out which browser and operating system you’re using, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Operating Systems and Recommended Web Browsers

Microsoft Windows operating systems

Windows 8

  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Firefox 23
  • Chrome 28

Windows 7

  • Internet Explorer 8, 9, or 10
  • Firefox 23
  • Chrome 28

Windows XP

  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Firefox 22
  • Chrome 27

Apple Macintosh operating systems

OS X Mountain Lion

  • Safari 6
  • Firefox 21
  • Chrome 27

OS X Lion

  • Safari 6 or 5.1
  • Firefox 21
  • Chrome 27

Learn more about how to improve your experience when you create a Marketplace account.

Find out what browser and operating system you have

Browser: To find out what browser version you’re using:

  • For Internet Explorer and Chrome, select the icon on the top right of your browser window and look for “About.”
  • For Firefox, choose “Help” and “About.”
  • For Safari, click on “Safari” in your menu bar and click “About.”

If you need to update your browser, you can download the correct version from the maker’s website for free.

Operating system: To find out what operating system your computer uses, try these links: