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Tips & troubleshooting

Logging in to your account

To log in to your Marketplace account, youโ€™ll need your username and password. Protect your account even more by getting a unique security code each time you log in. This makes it harder for someone to get into your account, if they get your password.
If you forgot them or canโ€™t log in, follow these steps.
IMPORTANT: Donโ€™t create a second account.
Donโ€™t try to create another account if you already have one. Follow the steps below.

If you forgot your password or username

Forgot your password

  • Select the โ€œForgot your password?โ€ link on the log in page and follow the directions.
  • Canโ€™t remember the email address you used to set up your account? Check if you kept a record of that email address. If you canโ€™t access the email account, contact the Marketplace Call Center.
  • Correct password not working? We occasionally need to reset passwords to protect your personal information. If youโ€™re sure you entered it correctly but itโ€™s not working, select the โ€œForgot your password?โ€ link on the log in page and follow the directions.

Forgot your username

  • If you created your account after February 2014, your username is probably your email address. If you created it before then, itโ€™s probably not.
  • Here are the requirements for usernames:
    • It must be between 5-74 characters
    • It can include letters and numbers
    • It can contain one of these symbols, as long as itโ€™s not the last character in the username: _ . @ / -
  • If you still canโ€™t remember, select the "Forgot your username?" link on the log in page and follow the directions.

If you forgot the answers to your security questions

  • When you created your account, you selected security questions that only you know the answers to. If you forget your password or username, weโ€™ll ask you these questions.
  • If you canโ€™t remember the answers, contact the Marketplace Call Center to unlock your account. After we verify who you are, weโ€™ll send a password reset email within 24 hours.

If you didnโ€™t get a security code

  • If you set up more than one way to get security codes, you can pick another way to get your code and log in.
  • If you get security codes by text:
    • Check your spam or unknown sender folder. The security code may go to a spam folder depending on the settings you chose on your mobile phone for blocking or filtering unknown senders.
    • Add "1-888-486-3063"ย to your phone contacts. Then, you can request to get a new code.
    • If you replied "STOP"ย to opt-out of getting text messages with your security code, text "START"ย to 1-888-486-3063, and then log in. You can then select "Security code settings"ย to remove your mobile phone number, so you no longer get text messages for your security codes.
  • If you get security codes by email, check your spam for junk folder. Look for an email from It may take a few minutes to get the email message. You can also request to get a new code. After a few minutes, if you still donโ€™t get an email with your security code, contact the Marketplace Call Center.
  • Did you change your phone number, mobile phone provider, or email? Contact the Marketplace Call Center for help logging in. Once you log into your account, select "Security code settings"ย to change or remove any old emails or phone numbers.

If your security code doesnโ€™t work

If you still can't access your account

  • Contact the Marketplace Call Center.
  • Make sure you have your username. We may ask for your full name, date of birth, and two more pieces of information โ€” like your Social Security Number, application ID number, full address, or phone number โ€” to verify who you are.