Still need 2016 health coverage?

Open Enrollment for 2016 insurance is over. You can sign up for a 2017 health plan starting November 1, 2016, with coverage starting as soon as January 1, 2017.

If you still need health insurance coverage for the rest of 2016, you can get it only 2 ways:

If you’re not eligible for lower costs on a health plan because your income is too high, you can still buy health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

You can also get insurance other ways — through a private insurance company, an online insurance seller, or an agent or broker.

Find out if you’re eligible for lower costs

Four ways you can buy a health plan

See how you can get covered if you don’t qualify for lower costs.
  1. Directly from an insurance company. You can contact any health insurance company and see plans available in your area. Many have websites that let you compare all plans they sell.
    • You can also use our Plan Finder website, which presents information about private health plans available outside the Marketplace.
  2. With the help of an insurance agent or broker. Agents generally work for a single health insurance company. Brokers generally sell plans from a number of companies. They can help you compare plans based on features and prices and complete your enrollment. You don’t pay more by using an agent or broker. They’re generally paid by the insurance company whose plans they sell.
  3. From an online health insurance seller. These services offer health plans from a number of insurance companies. They let you compare prices and features and then enroll with the insurance company.
  4. Through the Health Insurance Marketplace. You can apply and enroll through the Marketplace even if you don’t qualify for lower costs based on your income.

For savings based on your income, enroll only through the Health Insurance Marketplace

Health plans sold inside and outside the Marketplace are similar. There’s one very important difference:

The only way to get savings on monthly premiums and other costs based on your income is through the Health Insurance Marketplace.