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Here's how you know

When your income or household changes

Reporting income & household changes after you're enrolled

If you're enrolled in a Marketplace plan and your income or household changes, update your application as soon as possible.
These changes โ€” like higher or lower income, adding or losing household members, or getting offers of other health coverage โ€” may affect the coverage or savings youโ€™re eligible for. After you finish applying or enrolling, you may be asked to submit documents to confirm your income.

Why itโ€™s important to update your application right away

If your income estimate goes up or you lose a household member โ€” You may qualify for less savings than youโ€™re getting now. If you donโ€™t report the change, you could have to pay money back when you file your federal tax return.
If your income estimate goes down or you gain a household member โ€” You could qualify for:
  • More savings than youโ€™re getting now. This could lower your monthly
  • Free or low-cost coverage through
    or the
    . Learn more about Medicaid and CHIP.

Find out how your savings may change

Use this IRS tool to find out how income and household changes can affect your savings.

If you need to cancel your plan

Some changes โ€” like starting
coverage or getting a job-based insurance offer โ€” require you to cancel your Marketplace plan. Or you may want to cancel coverage for another reason.