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How to appeal a Marketplace decision

Getting a faster appeal

You can ask for a faster (expedited) appeal if you think waiting for a standard decision may seriously put your health at risk, like if you’re currently in the hospital or urgently need medication. Let us know the health reason when you file your appeal.

How to request a faster appeal:

  • Online. Let us know when you file your appeal online. Select "Yes" when asked "Do you want to request a faster appeal?"
  • On your appeal request form. Tell us you need a faster appeal and explain the health reason.
  • In your appeal request letter. Explain why you need an “expedited” appeal (if you choose to write a letter to request your appeal instead of filling out the form online or submitting it by mail/fax).

How soon will I get my appeal decision?

  • The amount of time depends on the decision you're appealing and if you need to submit documents.
  • We prioritize expedited appeals, and they're usually resolved faster.
  • We'll send you a letter that lets you know we got your appeal request and gives details about your request for a faster appeal decision.
  • The faster you respond to our requests for more information, the faster we can decide your appeal.