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How to appeal a Marketplace decision

Getting help with your appeal

Get help in your area

Find someone in your area who may be able to help you file an appeal, answer questions about the appeals process, and provide unbiased help.

Appoint an authorized representative for your appeal

You can choose to have someone you trust (like a family member, friend, advocate, or attorney) act on your behalf for your appeal by giving them permission to be your 
If you already appointed an authorized representative for your Marketplace application, you'll still need to appoint this person to help with your appeal.

What does an authorized representative do?

They'll be the main contact during your appeal, not you. We'll send all communications about your appeal to the person you choose (including text or email updates). They'll:
  • Provide information and documents to support your appeal.
  • Return phone calls, attend conferences or hearings, and take any other actions for your appeal.
  • Tell us what you want to do once you have an appeal decision, like what plan you want to enroll in.
If you filed your appeal through your Marketplace account, you can check the status of your appeal once you appoint a representative.
If you no longer want your authorized representative to help with your appeal, contact the Marketplace Appeals Center at 1-855-231-1751 (TTY: 711).

How to appoint a representative

You can appoint a representative at any time during your appeal.
  • Tell us when you file your appeal request. The online and paper form includes a section for you to appoint a representative. Check how to appeal based on your situation.
  • Send a form or letter to the Marketplace Appeals Center, if you already filed your appeal or are sending a letter for your appeal request. Get the form to appoint a representative.

    If you write a letter, include:
    • Your name, address, and phone number
    • Your appeal number (if you have one)
    • A statement appointing someone as your representative
    • The name, address, and phone number of your representative
    • A statement allowing the Marketplace Appeals Center to discuss your appeal with your representative
    • Your signature and the date you signed the request
    Then, submit the completed form/letter:
    • Mail: 
      Marketplace Appeals Center
      PO Box 311
      Pittston, PA 18640
    • Secure fax: 1-877-369-0129

Getting help in a language other than English

You have the right to get help and information about appeals and other Marketplace issues in your language at no cost. To talk to an interpreter about an appeal, call 1-855-231-1751 Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. Eastern time (ET). TTY users can call 711.
For other Marketplace issues, call 1-800-318-2596.