How to appeal a Marketplace decision

How to file an appeal

File your appeal online – The fastest way to appeal. You can also get the appeals form to print and fill out. Be sure to:
Or, mail or fax your appeal – You can send in your completed appeals form or write a letter asking for an appeal. Include your name, phone number, address, and the reason for the appeal. If the appeal is for someone else (like a child), also include their name.
If you send documents to support your appeal, include copies — not the originals.
Send your completed paper form or letter to the Marketplace:
  • Secure fax: 1-877-369-0130
  • Mail: Health Insurance Marketplace
    ATTN: Appeals
    465 Industrial Boulevard
    London, KY 40750-0061

What to know about appeals

  • You can ask for a faster appeal if your health is at risk. (Like if you’re currently in the hospital or urgently need medication.)
  • You can represent yourself or appoint a representative to help you with your appeal. That person can be a friend, relative, lawyer, or other person.
  • If you missed the 90-day deadline, explain the reason why in your appeal request. You may be able to get an extension.
  • The outcome of an appeal could impact coverage for other members of your household.
  • If you have coverage, stay enrolled and pay your premiums during your appeal. If you drop or lose your coverage during your appeal, you might have to wait to re-enroll (even if your appeal is successful).
Note: We’ll mail you a letter telling you if you’re eligible keep your coverage and continue to get financial help during your appeal. If you get tax credits during your appeal and your appeal is unsuccessful, you’ll have to pay back the tax credits you got during your appeal when you file your federal income tax return.