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2016 taxes & the Health Insurance Marketplace®

No health coverage for 2016

This page applies if you had no health coverage for all or most of 2016.
If you weren’t enrolled in
for all or part of 2016, you must either claim a health coverage exemption or pay a
with your federal income tax return.
FYI: If you didn’t have health coverage for only 1 or 2 consecutive months of the year, you may not have to pay the fee. You’ll report this exemption on your tax return. Learn more about this exemption.

Find out you qualify for an exemption

  • Exemptions are available based on a number of situations, including certain hardships, some life events, health coverage or financial status, and membership in some groups.

Pay the fee if you don’t qualify for an exemption

This applies for plan years 2018 and earlier. The fee for not having health insurance no longer applies.
  • If you chose not to buy health insurance in 2016 and don’t qualify for a health coverage exemption, you may have to pay a penalty with your federal tax return.
  • The penalty is based on your income and how many months you didn’t have coverage. Generally, the higher your income and the more months you didn’t have health insurance, the higher the fee.

Health care tax resources

Calculate your penalty

More than one coverage status?

If you weren't enrolled in any health coverage for only part of 2016 or other family members had different coverage, visit the relevant pages below.
Learn what to do for: