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Here's how you know

When the Marketplace needs more information

After you submit your documents

After we get the documents you submitted, we will:
  1. Match your documents with your application
  2. Review each document to decide if it confirm what we need
  3. Contact you if we need more information

If you haven't heard from us in a month

Your issues may still be under review, or we may not have received the documents.
If you want to check if we've received your documents, contact the Marketplace Call Center.
  • If the Call Center says the Marketplace HAS received your documents: You don't need to do anything else unless you get a request for more information. If the Call Center verifies that we have your documents, don't send the same documents a second time, even if you continue to get reminder emails.
  • If the Call Center says the Marketplace HAS NOT received your documents: Review your eligibility notice and reminder notices you've received to see which documents to send. Gather the required documents, and upload or mail them as soon as possible.