Start the school year strong with health insurance

Published on September 1, 2016

College is stressful enough, so give yourself the peace of mind that comes with having health insurance this school year. Getting health insurance may be easier and cheaper than you think.
Image: {Health-insurance-on-back-to-school-list}Image: {Health-insurance-on-back-to-school-list}
As a college student, you have several options available to you that count as
"qualifying health coverage"
. With a range of plan types and costs to choose from, it's not hard to find health insurance that works for your life and your budget.

Health insurance options for college students

  • Coverage under your parent's insurance plan: You may be able to stay on your parent's health plan until you turn 26.
  • Student health plans: If your school offers a student health plan, it can be an easy and affordable way to get basic insurance coverage.
  • Marketplace health plans: Starting on November 1, 2016, you can enroll in a Marketplace health insurance plan that covers
    essential health benefits
    and other benefits. If you're under 30, you can buy a Catastrophic health plan to protect yourself from worst-case scenarios, like getting seriously sick or injured.
  • Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP): When you apply for coverage through the Marketplace, you'll find out if you qualify for Medicaid or CHIP. If you qualify, your coverage can begin immediately, any time of year.

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