How to make updates when your income or household change

How to report changes to the Marketplace

Update your coverage for 2016 — or prepare to update for 2017

If you have a 2016 Marketplace plan and experience changes, update your 2016 application ASAP. These pages explain how to do that.

Note: Starting November 1, you’ll update your 2017 application with any changes you expect for the year ahead.

You can report changes to the Health Insurance Marketplace 3 ways: Online, by phone, or in-person — not by mail.

Report changes online

  1. Log in to your Marketplace account.
  2. Select the green "Start a new application or update an existing one" button.
  3. Click on your name in the top right of the screen and select “My applications & coverage” from the dropdown.
  4. Choose your current application for 2016 under "Your existing applications."
  5. Click the "Report a life change" button from the left-hand menu.
  6. Read through the list of changes, and click the green "Report a life change" button at the bottom to get started.
  7. Select which kind of change you’d like to report: A move to a new state; a change to the way you get Marketplace information; or a life change, like a change to your income or household size.
  8. Navigate through your application, and report any changes to your income, household members, new health coverage offers, and other information.
  9. After you report income or household changes to the Marketplace, you’ll get new eligibility results that explain if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period that allows you to change plans, or for changes in savings and coverage options.
  10. Important: Complete all required steps on your To-Do list. Depending on your eligibility, you may have options to enter your tax credit amount or answer questions about enrollment preferences. Finish the “Final review” task to complete your update or a new enrollment.

Report changes by phone

Contact the Marketplace Call Center and a representative can help you.

With in-person help

Find someone in your community who can meet with you to help make changes to your application.

What to do if you move

If you moved within the same state, you can report the change by following the instructions above.

But if you moved to a different state, you’ll need to start a new application for your new state. Moving to a new state will qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period, so you can enroll in a plan in your new area.

No matter where you move, you should also update your profile.

Steps to start a new application in a new state

  1. Log in to your Marketplace account.
  2. Select the green "Start a new application or update an existing one" button.
  3. Select the year and your new state from the drop-down list.
  4. Note: If the state you’re moving to runs its own Marketplace, you’ll use your new state’s website to apply. Otherwise you’ll apply and enroll on

Steps to update your profile

  1. Log in to your Marketplace account and update the information on your Marketplace profile page. Note: Sometimes a more detailed address (like with your full ZIP code) may pop up. Select it so we’ll have your most accurate address.
  2. Be sure to also report address, email, and phone changes on your profile.