Common Marketplace health insurance questions and answers

Published on July 21, 2016

If you have questions about the Marketplace, don’t worry. Health insurance help is available.
Image: {Woman reading answers to common health insurance questions}Image: {Woman reading answers to common health insurance questions}
For fast answers to your health care questions — whether they’re about managing your health insurance coverage, finding forms and documents, or understanding costs and savings — visit our Get Answers page.

3 common questions answered

How can I get health coverage now that Open Enrollment is over?
Open Enrollment for a 2016 plan is over, but you may still be able to enroll in 2016 health insurance 2 ways:
If I don’t qualify for an SEP, Medicaid, or CHIP, when can I enroll next?
  • The Open Enrollment Period for 2017 coverage is November 1, 2016 — January 31, 2017. Sign up for emails to get deadline reminders and other important information.
What should I do if I get a notice asking me for documents to verify something on my application (like my income), or my eligibility for a Special Enrollment Period?
  • To avoid losing your health insurance and any savings you’ve been getting, you must submit document copies by the deadline in your notice. Learn more here.

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