Did you recently move to a new state?

Published on July 11, 2019

Summer is a popular time for moving. If you recently moved to a new state, you can’t keep a health insurance plan from your old one. To make sure you stay covered, report your move to the Marketplace as soon as possible. This way, you can enroll in a new plan without a break in coverage and avoid paying for coverage you can’t use in your new state.
Image: {Map of United States}Image: {Map of United States}

How to apply for health coverage in your new state

  • Moving to a new state makes you eligible for a Special Enrollment Period. This means you can enroll in new coverage or change plans even though the annual Open Enrollment Period is over.
  • How you apply depends on whether your new state uses HealthCare.gov or its own website. If your new state appears on this list, your state has its own website where you’ll apply.
  • If your state uses HealthCare.gov, follow these instructions to start a new application.
Note: If you move within the same state but new coverage options and savings aren’t available to you, update your HealthCare.gov profile anyway with your new address. This way, the correct one is on file.