Your eligibility notice

When you apply for coverage in the Marketplace, you’ll get an eligibility notice that explains what you qualify for. It'll provide appeals instructions for each person in your household, including the number of days you have to file an appeal.

Here’s important information to consider when planning an appeal:

  • You can have someone else file or participate in your appeal. That person can be a friend, relative, lawyer, or other person. Or you can handle the appeal yourself.
  • If you file an appeal, you may be able to keep your eligibility for coverage while your appeal is pending. You’ll get a letter that describes your options.
  • The outcome of an appeal could change the eligibility of other members of your household.

Depending on your state and your eligibility results, you may be able to appeal through the Marketplace. Or you may have to file an appeal with your state Medicaid or CHIP agency. Your letter will explain.