If you had no health coverage

If you weren’t enrolled in qualifying health coverage for all or part of 2017, you may have to pay a fee with your federal income tax return.

You will NOT get Form 1095-A unless you or someone in your household had Marketplace coverage for all or part of 2017.

FYI: Uncovered for less than 3 months? If you didn’t have health coverage for only 1 or 2 consecutive months of the year, you may not have to pay the fee. Learn more about this exemption.

  1. See if you qualify for an exemption from the coverage requirement

  2. If you don’t qualify for an exemption, pay the fee

Tax forms and instructions:

More than one coverage status?

If you weren't enrolled in any health coverage for only part of 2017, or other family members had different coverage, visit the relevant pages below.

See what to do for: